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Zak Tell über die Nominierung von Clawfinger als beste Hardrock-Band beim Schwedischen Grammy 2008

Mittwoch, den 5. Dezember 2007


“It’s closing in on Grammy award time (09/01/08) & I just found out we’ve been nominated for best hardrock band alongside a bunch of other Swedish bands, I don’t know what our chances are really, especially considering the fact that we won two in 1994 already, one for best hardrock & one for best video! All the same it’s fun to even be nominated again 14 years later as it means someone is still considering us & thinks we’re worthy, I would have preferred to have been nominated in the “Best live band” catagory as I think it’s about time we got some credit where credit is due! I don’t want to sound like I’m in Oasis or anything but I do think we’re damn good onstage, maybe not when it comes to style & fashion but when it comes to passion & presence! A welcome change is that the people now get to vote, previously everything’s been decided by a “professional” jury!

Apparently the jury picks out ten bands for a “pre-nomination”, then there’s a voting procedure to select the final five “official” nomin饳. So in other words we might not even get to the “finals” but top ten is better than nothing, We’ll just have to wait & see what happens!”

(Quelle: Zaks Bloody Blog!)

Schwedischer Grammy 2008

Mittwoch, den 5. Dezember 2007


Am 09.01.2008 werden die Schwedischen Grammies verliehen. Nominiert sind unter anderem:

Beste Hardrockband:
- Clawfinger
- Arch Enemy
- Candlemass
- Dark Tranquillity
- Entombed
- Hardcore Superstar

Beste Band:
- Kent
- Mando Diao
- Shout Out Louds
- The Ark
- The Hives
- Oh Laura

Bestes Album:
- Moneybrother - Mount Pleasure
- The Ark - Prayer for the Weekend
- The Hives - The black and the white Album

Bester m䮮licher Artist:
- Christian Kjellvander
- José Gonzalez
- Moneybrother

Bester Newcomer:
- Oh Laura

… und natürlich noch viele mehr.

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