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Rockmusik für Babys!?!

Auf kann man Rock- und Popmusik für Babys bestellen. Auch etwas nordisches ist dabei - und zwar Björk!!

Love. No one can quite express it like Bjork. Love for her children. Love for her homeland. Love for the world. All is full of love. No matter what she’s working on, you can be certain that the final product is full of the most beautiful and lush sounds found on this or any other planet. These instrumental lullaby renditions of some of Bjorks most cherished songs are an extension of the musical world she has created. This is a hidden place for your child to dream and escape, and it’s oh so quiet.

- Human Behaviour
- Like Someone in Love
- Come to Me
- The Modern Things
- Possibly Maybe
- Hunter
- Joga
- Unravel
- Bachelorette
- All is full of Love
- Hidden Place

Kurze Hörproben sind auf der obgenannten Website zu finden :)

(übrigens: es sind auch Rockabye Baby-Alben von Green Day, The Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Marley, Nine Inch Nails, The Ramones, U2, Radiohead, Coldplay, Metallica, etc. etc. … erhältlich)

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